Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Moon Cast pics- better late than never!

I'm a little behind the curve tonight- long day working. Pshaw... no fun in that. Back to my Twi-world, and look at all the pics I've missed! Spoiler TV has 100+ pics of New Moon cast in costume. Most of the pics are sick and wrong- they're all smoking nasty cancer sticks. I won't post those. Gross.
Here are a few things to look for:
*Nikki's wearing a wig; it suits her MUCH better.
*Better call the vet; Mr. Lautner's puppies are SICK.
*Note- no pic of Peter. Smoking in every one. Sad. I'll see if I can dig a good one up.
*Note- no pic of Ashley. Kellan was smoking in every pic with her in it. And she was covered up in a parka.
Go to Spoiler TV if you don't mind all the smoke and mirrors...


  1. I really, really hope Taylor doesn't take the smoking route. I guess I can imagine that for some its an on-set stress reliever of some kind. It just spoils my fantasy image of these characters I suppose. Oh well, I guess that's brings me back to reality - dang it!

  2. I hope not- he seems like the sweetest kid, and you know if WE see all that they're caught up with (ie Nikki buying liquor for her underage cohorts) and smoking constantly, there's got to be more temptation we don't see... good thing Taylor's dad is there. :)