Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Chemical Romance- No Thanks, Twilight

My Chemical Romance explains to MTV that they have no interest in the Twilight Saga because they're very choosy...

“We’re very choosy,” frontman Gerard Way told MTV News. “There was a few films that we didn’t do the song for, because it didn’t fit. I guess a lot of people would say that a vampire movie would fit, but I would disagree with that these days. Even since Black Parade, I would kind of disagree with that. I don’t know that we’d be interested in that.”

But the other reason they’re not interested in having one of their songs featured in “Moon” has less to do with their artistic proclivities and more to do with the fact that none of them has ever read any books in the “Twilight” series.

“None of us has read that,” guitarist Frank Iero said. “It’s not something we’d be huge fans of, so we wouldn’t be interested in it.”

Not everyone in the MCR camp is clueless about the “Twilight” phenomenon, however.

“My wife has read it,” guitarist Ray Toro laughed.

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