Friday, March 27, 2009

Mike Newton is a Golden Retriever

Touched by Twilight has a charming interview with Michael Welch (Mike Newton for you newbies). I love the way he describes Mike; seems like he really harnesses the character. I'm looking forward to the movie scene with him and Jacob in "New Moon"!

Here's a snippet- you can catch the whole thing on their site:

Mike Newton is Edward’s vision of the “regular guy” Bella would be with if he wasn’t in the picture (this is the New Moon perspective, prior to the introduction of Jacob as a major character). Do you agree with Edward’s assessment?

I do. Next to Edward, Mike Newton is a joke. But without this god-like creature around for Mike to be compared to, he isn’t such a terrible catch. It’s high school for goodness sake! Mike is a completely tolerable and decent teenage boyfriend. With no Edward, I can see Bella and Mike going out for about three months. I don’t know if it would last much longer than that because Mike is clearly WAY more into Bella than she is into him. High school girls always get bored in those situations.

Assuming you’ve read “New Moon,” What do you think Mike Newton is thinking/ feeling during the first two books: if there was a story from Mike’s perspective (a la “Midnight Sun”) would we see Mike as the golden retriever he appears to be to Bella, or is that a mask for deeper emotion? How will you convey this on screen?

I think Bella is to Mike what Edward is to Bella. When someone comes along and affects you like that, particularly at that age, it defines you in large part, and certainly helps define an era in your life. If Mike were to have a “Midnight Sun,” we would probably see a more vulnerable side to him. Other than that, honestly, I think maybe the golden retriever is just who he is. I haven’t searched too hard for hidden layers, conflicting subconscious motives, or other devices that create depth in character. I think simplicity is the best way to approach Mike.

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