Monday, March 16, 2009

Lauren Makes Me LOL

Lauren strikes again... check her out...

7. high expectations

Rob, it sucks to be you.
Want to know why?
Because this photoshopped manipulation is beautiful.
And I am now holding you to a standard.
If I see any fuzzy-mc-fuzzcans on your chest...
Or any evidence of looming beer bellies...
Well...then...I will still love you.
Sigh...I am whipped.

8. For Realz?
Hey, girl you created a facebook group...
I am guessing your group is about Robert, but I can't be 100% positive.
You see...most Rob fans wouldn't cover up his face with URLs.
Yep. Epic Fail.

10. A miracle? that you?
I'm not really sure, because there is an expression on your face that is foreign to me.
Is that what us normal people call a smile?
I am thinking it is...
Are you smiling because Rob is wearing that fitted white button up? too.
Do you frown all the time because he doesn't wear that in the movie? too.
OMGosh...we just had a bonding moment.

11. Don't ever take off that suit.
Rob. I.frio[hngfiuw9hnq'w90jikmd['lpm,slooveo0ih[opyuoi.poquwr]09kd
Oh in a suit makes me speak in tongues.
That's a good thing.
I think?
*crickets chirping....*

12. Hopeful

Is Kristen dead right here?
*crosses fingers*

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