Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another fatality: Kalama High School Left in the "New Moon" Dust

Kalama High School students will soon be lamenting the fact that their favorite vamps won't return to film "New Moon."

Superintendent Jim Sutton was told that a replica of the school's parking lot will be built on the "New Moon" location in Vancouver, B.C.

A film crew member spent about an hour measuring Kalama High School’s parking lot, stairway from the parking lot to the school, and exterior of the Southwest school building corner, Sutton said.

“They’re gonna blue screen the rest of background” in an attempt to cut costs, the crew member told Sutton. The replicas can be used in multiple sequels to the film, he added.

Several producers and new director Chris Weitz visited the school in January to consider returning to the school this month or early April for filming “New Moon.”

The district received a $29,500 check from the production company for facility use, plus a donation to the student body when filming last March at the school.

If film crews returned this year, Sutton said the district was planning to use the fees to replace high school lockers.
Twilight Movie Screen Shot 16 by hvyilnr.

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