Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Everglow's List of Team Edward Members

Everglow is compiling a cool list of cast members and other celebrities who have shown their team preferences for Edward. Check it out! I'm just waiting for someone to be Team Switzerland... sigh...

Here are some celebrities who have publicly declared their preference for Edward over Jacob! Do you know of anyone else who should be listed here? Please let us know, we would love to list as many Team Edward celebs as possible!

Kristen Stewart

Team Edward or Team Jacob?
"I will be, maybe, crucified if I answer this, but.... Edward."


Peter Facinelli

"The second one, ‘New Moon,’ was hard for me because I’m so Team Edward that it kind of bothered me that she was off with Jacob. I felt cheated on, which was weird."


Billy Burke

Team Edward or Team Jacob?
"I gotta go with Edward. I identify with Edward more. I get the outcast thing."


Christian Serratos

"I love Jacob, but if someone said I had to choose, I would definitely be sporting my 'Team Edward' T-shirt."


Annalynne McCord

"I'm Team Edward! I gotta go with the vampires."


Demi Lovato

"I don’t know, I love Taylor [Lautner], so I don’t want to be Team Edward, but I love Edward’s character so I have to be."

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