Thursday, March 19, 2009

Even Newsweek Awaits the Twilight DVD in Anticipation

Yet another educated, career-driven woman torn to shreds over the Twilight phenomenon... this time, in movie form alone. This one's for you, TwiCrack!

Louisa Thomas confesses:

"I can't wait to watch the new DVD of "Twilight." Go ahead, mock me. I'd long resisted Stephenie Meyer's series myself. A parable about abstinence, starring a hunky vampire (Edward) and the sweet object of his affection (Bella)? No, thanks.

But it seemed wrong to denigrate what I didn't know, so I went to see the film. I had read that it would be a celebration of chastity—proof that what a girl wants is a boy who won't bite. That was not the movie I saw. Sure, Edward's gaze seemed more silly than sultry, and when he and Bella danced to Debussy, I laughed. But the movie captivated me. "Twilight" is about sex and denial—but it is anything but chaste.

The night after I saw "Twilight," I went to "Tristan und Isolde" at New York's Metropolitan Opera. It was a magnificent production, but near the end of the first act—when Isolde's attendant swaps the heroine's intended poison for a love potion—my mind wandered to "Twilight."

Perhaps it was the music's tension, or the suggestion of ill-fated love. When the lights rose for intermission, I turned to my husband and told him I'd see him later. Embarrassed, I hurried to the bookstore across the street to see if the book could help explain why "Twilight" so seized me.

Twilight by Cherry Passion.
Read the rest of her Twilight muse at Newsweek.. let's just say she's not a big fan of the book, not unlike Steven King...

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