Sunday, March 8, 2009

Catherine Hardwicke Honored in Texas

Director Catherine Hardwicke shattered the box-office record for a female-directed movie when "Twilight" became a blockbuster. She will be honored with the Ann Richards Award at the Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards.

Hardwicke spoke with Austin360 about her Texas roots, the "Twilight" phenomenon and the struggle women face in the movie business:

"'Thirteen' and 'Twilight' deal with young girls coming of age and the perils and enticements therein. What it is about that time of life that intrigues you as a storyteller?

I didn't start out thinking that I would make a teenage movie and get on a teenage career path. But after "Thirteen," I realized I do love this age because every possibility is happening for you at that age — you suddenly have breasts, you can kiss a boy, you can smoke, you can drive a car, you can make your own choices.

Catherine Hardwicke, Stephanie Myer and Kristen Stewart At Comic Con by withlove.erin.

"What is the story behind your decision not to direct 'New Moon' (the follow-up to 'Twilight')?

If I felt like it was right, if the schedule worked right and the way the studio wanted to do the next one felt right for me, then I wanted to do it. And, if not, I didn't want to. I'd have had like 10? weeks to prepare the movie. I didn't think the script was there, and it wasn't ready. I wanted the second one to be better than the first one. I wanted more time to at least think about it and dream about how to step it up to the next level."

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