Saturday, February 21, 2009

Twilight Hits Japan

The frenzy culminates in Japan this weekend with the release of Twilight- what do you think of their trailer? H-O-double TT..

Taylor Lautner will be at the premiere; check out these pics from InStyle Magazine taken before his departure. Smart ladies hosting a "Taylor Lautner meet and greet." The blonde in the black dress looks particularly giddy; I bet she's Team Jacob. Thanks to TwiCrack Addict for the info:


"The 17 year-old has been hit with such a fan base that he no longer can go to malls, but he can occasionally find a solitary moment for a meal at one of the local restaurants in his neighborhood. He also told us that he learned the hard way NOT to go see his movie opening weekend--he went to Universal City Walk to catch Twilight with the movie-goers and ending up having to be escorted out by the secret service because of the fandemonium. We were able to restrain ourselves, but we did ask him to autograph our copies of the book--which he signed with the words "Team Jacob," of course."


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