Friday, February 27, 2009

Tour The Twilight Town of Forks

The tiny town of Forks, WA has obviously become more than simply a pinpoint on the map.

Beginning March 1, the newly formed Dazzled by Twilight Tour Company will be providing exclusive Twilight Tours daily in the "Hollywood" of Twilight.

* Learn about Forks and La Push history, the Quileute people and the Cullen Coven
* Explore the places where Bella and Jacob met, and Bella and the Cullens attended school
* Experience the majesty of Washington’s forests and coastline
* Jam packed with insider information, photo opportunities, special surprises and a meal or comparable snack

Tours offered include:
* Breaking Dawn tour starting at 8:30am to 11am with a snack included
* Volturi tour 11:30am to 2pm with lunch included
* Twilight tour 3pm to 5:30pm with snack included

The rate is $30 per person and motel pick-up / drop-offs in Forks are included. Each tour lasts 2-3 hours.

For more information, contact or (360)374-5101. Additional information will soon be available at

Forks Welcome Sign by pattinsons-sweetheart.

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