Friday, February 27, 2009

The Two Sides of Justin Chon (a.k.a Eric Yorkie)

Justin Chon, meet Pillow Biters. My first piece about "Eric Yorkie." Ugh. He wasn't at ALL what I pictured from the book, and he didn't act at ALL how I thought he should. Probably the worst book-to-movie translation of the bunch.

For me it worked, though, because Edward and Jacob work, and really, who else matters? So I give creative license to tweak other random characters as Melissa Rosenburg sees fit, because frankly, she's a goddess in her own right.

That said, Justin Chon, the actor, is an interesting sort, as the O.C. Register recently discovered:

"But Chon hasn't always been a recognizable name and face. In fact, he didn't start acting until after he graduated with a business degree from the University of Southern California.

He enrolled in a two-year acting program, giving himself that amount of time to prove he could make it in the business.

His first role was in a TV series called "Jack & Bobby," where he played a high school kid dressed in a toga.

After that, he worked with Disney, doing a few pilots and TV movies. He wound up working alongside Brenda Wong ("The Secret Life of Zack and Cody") in "Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior," a hit on the Disney Channel. (side note- Uh.Oh. Disney infiltration.)

One role led to another, and then he landed the part in "Crossing Over," which he actually filmed before appearing in "Twilight."

A series of semiconnected immigration stories, "Crossing Over" also stars Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Jim Sturgess and Summer Bishil, who starred in "Towelhead" last year.

His father was a well-known actor in South Korea when Justin was between 10 and 25 years old. "I grew up watching my dad's black-and-white films," Chon said.

"They were worried, because of the stigma with acting in Korea – it's hard to make a living. They were worried that I was going to starve or something."

That's why he pursued business in college. He hasn't totally let that go: He co-owns two clothing stores called the Attic, located in Buena Park and San Diego."

Thanks to Twilighters Anonymous for the tip.

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