Sunday, February 22, 2009

How long will we have to wait for Midnight Sun?

New Moon posted an exclusive interview Paris Match conducted with Stephanie Meyer. Here's one of her answers about her pick for Edward and whether or not she's writing any more:


Do you still have time to write?

No, because the movie took lots of my time. I was not there during the shooting, but I had my saying on the art decisions, the actors, the artwork, and even the music. When I found out that Robert Pattinson was given Eward’s role, it was a terrible moment for me. Eward existed in my head, he had a face, a smile. I was really skeptical. But when I saw him, I was immediately conquered. I can understand why girls are so attracted by him… Robert Pattinson has done a terrific and impressive job. He his exactly how I imagined Edward.


If she's not writing, that means that Midnight Sun remains in limbo indefinately. Do you think it will ever be released; if so, WHEN??

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