Friday, February 27, 2009

Hollywood Makes RPattz run from the Hills...

Our favorite Britt has so many looks- crooked grin, brooding brows, and those bedroom eyes.. hubba. But then, on occasion, he looks absolutely freaked out and downright upset.

E! Online suggests that Hollywood is the catalyst to Rpattz's sourpuss moods, and I think they may be spot-on in that assumption:

"Rob Pattinson was partying after the Oscars—at the swankiest of dos possible—looking as if he'd been told he could never have another drink. Ever. Natalie Portman managed to ease Patty-poo's nerves for a bit, but he still left the shindig alone.

A close friend to the Brit babe told us, 'It's because [Hollywood] just so isn't his scene. All of this fame isn't what Rob's about.'"

Robert Pattinson by AC Lima.

Early, happy days... even though he freaked out filming Harry Potter...

Robert Pattinson by ♥ Caitaly ♥.
OMG- Leave me BE!! (Even though I cut my hair and it somehow has become the news of the year...)

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