Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sensitive Side of Spunk

France's One Magazine showcased a beautiful pictorial along with a lengthy interview with the world's hottest vampire. Here are a couple snippets; be sure to check out the entire article and pics at Robsessed!

You cut your hair. Is it for your next movie?

Not at all, I did it just by rebellion. When “Twilight” was released, producers told me: “You can not make photos or be at the premiere with this head. It looks like you just got out of bed!” But I did not care and I told them it was my problem. And then fans loved my style, and the same producers told me: “Great, do not change a thing, you have to keep that hairstyle”. At this time I decided to cut my hair really short. Just by contradiction. (Laughs)

What kind of women do you like?
I do not really have a type. But I like crazy girls who are not scared of anything. The kind of girl who is not afraid of doing the first step and of flirting with me. During a while, I really prefered inaccessible women. Those who did not pay me attention, no matter what I did. But I have recovered now. I stopped wanting what I could not get.

On the love side, do you feel close to Edward?
No I do not; I am not as protective as him. If a girl needs my protection, I will be here. But I never felt the need to look after someone body and soul. And I am far from being as romantic as he is.

Regardless, are you proud of your success?
I have to admit that yes I am. Until then, I feel like I often failed in life. I was not really good at school, neither as a model and I was about to give up acting when I was hired in “Twilight”. At this time, I was so used to fail that it did not make me something any more. But now, at least, I feel like I accomplished something and that I am on the good track.

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