Friday, February 27, 2009

Costco: Interview With a Vampire... and cotton balls on aisle 3...

Pouring over teen mags for the latest on Spunk? The March issue of the Costco Connection is the place to be... who knew? Head on over to Twilighters Anonymous to read the full interview!

Click to view full size image


  1. i love the pillow biters pic :)

    You know i had to do some heavy research to find out why everyone called Rob 'Spunk Ransom'

    and here i thought i was a superfan

  2. Hi boo_bunnies!! haha. that is so bizarre. i guess that everybody wants a piece of rpattz. have a great weekend!

  3. Jac,
    Love your new site; it looks like a terribly addicting area to keep up and post to...I've thought about something like that but need to start small. I'll keep checking it out! ;)

    OMG. I'm in awe- how do you keep your passion such a secret? Do people know you've read the books? You amaze me; I could write a whole article on you and your secret addiction!