Saturday, February 28, 2009

Biteward frolicked in my front yard this morning as I was sleeping....

Biteward: "Nom nom nom slurp slurp slurp! That's odd, it looks like it would taste more like cotton candy."

Shawna (My partner in Twi-Crime): "No, Edward! Don't!"

Shawna: I took Edward running this you can see he is having a little difficulty adjusting to the selection available to his vegetarian lifestyle. CA is much different from Forks.
Biteward: "What have we here?"
Shawna: "That is the flamingo of shame, placed there when someone dodges the early morning workouts."
Biteward: "Looks tasty, although anemic"
Shawna: "No, no, Edward, let's keep going, we'll find you a nice stray cat further down the road."

Side note: Amongst all the frolicking around my flamingo of shame, Edward lost his shoe. *sniff*. For more mischevious adventures, musings, and meetings of closet Twi-Hards, visit Shawna's Facebook group, Twilight Moms.

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