Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hunkering for Cast Interviews other than Spunk?

Twilight Lexicon has compiled a host of interviews for your reading pleasure:

First up, Twifans continues their Salute to Twilight Coverage with Rachelle LeFevre and Edi Gathegi.

Rob Pattinson gave a quick quote to the Chicago Sun Times,

“Now Pattinson heads back north to Canada to work on both “New Moon” and the third film in the vampire series, which the actor says “will keep me on a treadmill” for some time to come. “But I’m not complaining. There are so many unemployed actors — especially now. … I feel very fortunate.”

Popstar has an interview with Peter Facinelli where he talks about the New Moon script and more. In case you are wondering what Peter’s favorite book in the series is, here’s the answer:

PopStar: Which is your favorite Twilight book?
Peter Facinelli: I am one of the biggest fans of the book. I like Eclipse because it has a lot of action in it. Twilight is a close second because it gave such a great setup to this world but Eclipse has a lot of back story on the family and I am excited to shoot the third one. The fourth one is really interesting too!

The Justin Chon Fansite let us know that we can expect to hear from Justin “…watch Justin tomorrow (Tues) on the TV Guide Network’s “Hollywood 411″? It will air 1:00 am PST, 11:00 am PST and 6:00 pm PST.”
Also he had another photoshoot with nolan dean

Unsurprisingly, Kellan Lutz Online has an interview with…drumroll please…Kellan Lutz. Kellan talks about his upcoming projects, but he also opens up about his goal-oriented outlook on life.

“Is there anything you always have with you? Like a bracelet, necklace, ring, etc?

Yes, I actually always wear a white (which is now kind of cream in color haha) piece of twine around my left wrist, representing Freedom. It was the toughest decision of my life to pursue acting and to put aside all my hard work and scholarships for college. I have no regrets with the decision I made and I wear my bracelet to remind me of what it took to find my personal freedom and my personal journey in life.”

Kellan Lutz by musicgrl87.

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